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HYLAS - A Revolutionary New Satellite


In the age in which we live effective communications are the key for successful business. No one can afford not to be connected.

Ka-band satellite services are the answer to the problem of bringing twoway data communications to the mass market. With Ka-band, operating costs are no longer a barrier to using satellite for your every day corporate networks.

Key customer advantages are:
  • highly competitive pre-launch rates available for HYLAS
  • very small, low cost antenna operations e.g. only 45cm DTH antenna
  • only 66cm VSAT terminals required
  • easy antenna pointing due to circular polarisation at Ka-band
  • flexible satellite coverage options
  • bandwidths available up to 500MHz on a single beam
  • broadcast mode from one beam to two beams on some routes
  • VNO platform operations available if required
  • network diversity and back-up
  • lower overall operating costs for hardware and bandwidth
Making bandwidth affordable for business, communities and homes
The HYLAS satellite will deliver a flexible combination of:
  • resilient, ultra-high speed corporate networks
  • two-way broadband access services
  • IPTV platform distribution
  • Ka-band Interactive TV return channel


HYLAS is highly adaptable
  • Ka-band spot beams and Ku-band wide beams
  • BSS, iTV and Broadband
    • share/adapt payload resources between bands and services
  • Utilises Ku-band BSS spectrum
Multi-mission, multi-media satellite

Satellite Platform:

  • ISRO I-2K Platform
    • 22 years of in-orbit heritage
  • launch mass 2300 Kg
  • 2 KW Payload Power
  • 200 Kg payload
  • 15 year lifetime
  • 250 HDTV channels
  • 320,000+ broadband users
  • Triple play - voice internet and TV
  • Transportable / mobile
  • Very high power (62dBW) Ka-band satellite (2-3 times more powerful than any other satellite over Europe)
  • 66cm two-way antenna
  • 45cm receive antenna
  • over 1.5GHz capacity
  • 15 year lifetime

Ka-band performance
  • EIRP 62dBW at beam centre
  • 8 x 250MHz forward link + 8 x 120MHz return link transponders
  • Bandwidth and power levels adjustable in orbit to meetmarket demand
  • Cross-strap with Ku-band beam
  • Uplink 28 - 30.0GHz
  • Downlink 17.7 - 20.2GHz
  • Circular polarisation
Ku-band performance
  • EIRP 54dBW at beam centre
  • 2 x 33MHz transponders
  • Cross-strap with single Ka-band beam at up to 250MHz
  • Tunable in-orbit across the entire BSS spectrum
  • Uplink 17.3-18.1GHz
  • Downlink 11.7-12.5GHz
  • Linear polarisation

HYLAS 1 - Ku-band Capacity

Launched on 26 November 2010, the HYLAS 1 satellite introduces new Ku-band capacity to the European market. Ideally suited to content delivery, using single or multi-carrier operation, HYLAS 1 offers a highly cost effective Ku-band space segment resource. Located at 33.5° W, HYLAS 1 creates a unique opportunity for teleport operators across Europe.

Broadcast only
  • Tuneable in orbit across the BSS spectrum
  • Full European coverage
  • Potential to integrate with HYLAS 1 two-way Ka-band services
  • Broadcast and media content distribution
  • Playout
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Cinema
kuband02.jpgHYLAS 1
Satellite Specifications
  • Orbital Location: 33.5º W
  • Lift Off Mass: 2300 K
  • Life: 15 years
  • Payload Power: >2.0 Kw
  • Capacity: up to 3 GHz
  • Launched: 26 November 2010
Ku-band Broadcast Payload
  • Uplink Frequency Range - 17.3 - 18.1 GHz
  • Downlink Frequency Range - 11.7 - 12.5 GHz
  • Active Transponders - Multiple
  • Nominal Transponder Bandwidth - 33 MHz
  • EIRP - 54dBW at beam centre Polarisation Linear

Hylas 1 coverage map
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