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TMP-223 - Radio Dispatch & Signaling Equipment


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Flexible, reliable Dual IP Remote Adapter Panel connects C-6200 IP console or C-Soft Windows console by WAN connection and offers numerous dispatch configurations in a variety of modes.

The TMP-223 remote adapter provides a reliable means of remotely controlling up to two, two-way radio base stations.

The adapter interconnects to C-6200 IP console or the C-Soft Windows console by means of any available Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, including wireless. Now, the TMP-223 can be optionally compatible with Tetra radio systems, commonly found throughout the world. It is also capable of decoding 5/6 tone signaling. Dispatchers can use the adapter in up to six different ways:
  • In the local mode, the radio connects directly to the TMP-223.
  • The tone mode generates the keytones required to control any tone-equipped radio circuit.
  • The console mode uses existing tones, decoding Ethernet traffic for the console to play.
  • In the crosspatch mode, mobile dispatchers can communicate with another user within the radio system.
  • With the PIB-223 to connect POTS line to dispatch network
  • With the NI-223 to connect iDEN phone to the dispatch network
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Line and intercom buttons
  • Front panel test points and level set potentiometers
  • Local handset port two DB25 connectors
  • 7 digital outputs (programmable)
  • RJ-45 Ethernet connector
  • DB9 serial port with two active ports
Two PTT modes and three monitor modes
  • PTT and monitor relays
  • Relays can be placed in either of two groups for separation of function
  • CTCSS generation (64 frequencies)
  • F1 and F2 relays (programmable)
  • Kenwood Fleetsync decoder
  • Direct control of Kenwood models 80, |90, and 150
  • Supports scanning and subset of Fleetsync protocol (80 and 150 series only)
  • Tetra compatible
  • 5/6 Tone Decode
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