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TMP Lightweight Laser Designator System


1 General
lwlds01.jpgCarried by the small team on ground, the foreign trade lightweight laser designator system is used in the laser semi-active terminal guidance weapon system. It can provide target reconnaissance, laser designation and guide the missile to strike the target precisely.
Such combat missions as follows are mainly performed by laser designator
(1)Battlefield reconnaissance: reconnaissance of the battlefield situation by the optical sight and the IR thermal imager.
(2)Target positioning: measuring the target coordinate information (positioning and orientation).
(3)Target designation: sending the encoding laser to illuminate the desired target and guide the laser semi-active guidance missile to strike the target precisely.
(4)Communication: uploading the target information and receiving the system operation command through the radio station connection.

lwlds04.jpg2 Technical specifications
2.1 Laser output parameter
2.1.1 Laser wavelength: 1.064μm
2.1.2 Output energy: the average energy is not less than 80mJ in one illumination cycle.
2.1.3 Beam divergence angle:•1-e-2• ≤ 0.3mrad
2.1.4 Pulse width: 15ns ± 5ns

2.2 Ranging performance
2.2.1 Ranging frequency•manual and single control
2.2.2 Ranging scope: 120m•20000m
2.2.3 Ranging accuracy: 10m

2.3 Illumination performance
2.3.1 Illumination range: 10km
2.3.2 Laser encoding

The encoding parameter should be executed according to “NATO organization encoding requirements”.
2.4 Observation and sighting of visible light
2.4.1 Vision magnification: 10×
2.4.2 Field of view: 5°of circle field of view

lwlds05.jpg2.5 Tracking goniometer
2.5.1 Tracking angular measuring scope
Elevation: ±3-00
Azimuth: 0•60-00•64-00•
2.5.2 Tracking performance: tracking smoothly and no scrambling•shaking and seizing up phenomenon.
2.5.2 Angular measuring error
a. The maximum error of elevation angular measurement is not bigger than 0-02.
b. The maximum error of azimuth angular measurement is not bigger than 0-01.

2.6 Thermal imager
2.6.1 Acquisition range: 10km•tank•/4 km•manportable•
2.6.2 Identification range: 2 km
2.6.3 Operation wavelength: 4.50-4.80μm and 1.06μm (the laser illumination light spot can be observed. )

2.7 Tripod
The tripod has features as follows: strong, lightweight, easy to deploy and put away, leveling function and designation.

2.8 Positioning and orientation
2.8.1 Apply the magnetic compass for north finding orientation and the GPS handheld receiver for positioning.
2.8.2 North finding precision(σ): 0.5°

2.9 Power supply
2.9.1 The power supply is provided by the battery which is whole sealed and maintenance free.
2.9.2 Voltage: 26V±4V

2.10 Weight
The whole set of designator(not including GPS and the thermal imager) should be 18kg.

2.11 Communication interface
2.11.1 Interface standard: RS-232, USB

Technical plan
3.1General technical plan
Lightweight laser target designator is composed of laser designator, GPS, portable computer and wireless transmitting equipment. Thermal imager (external purchase) is fixed with external extension and used for night reconnaissance and observation of laser illumination light spot. GPS (external purchase) is used for positioning of laser target designator, the data measured is received by laser target designator, the position coordinate of target should be calculated according to the angle relate to the target and the measurement value of distance. The map data management and image display function should be carried out by the portable computer. Far distance data transmission should be carried out by the wireless transmitting equipment (external purchase).

As shown in Fig.1, laser target designator is composed of the mainbody, tracking goniometer, battery, tripod and connection cables. With modular design plan, installation and removal of each part can be connected by connector, each part has independent function and universality. It also has a external communication interface, data communication, target information transmission and acquisition of system work instructions should be done through wireless transmission equipment.

Fig.1 Composition of laser target designator
1- Mainbody 2- Tracking goniometer 3- Tripod 4- Battery

Function of each part is as follows•
• Mainbody•optical reconnaissance of battlefield through sight, measurement of target distance, laser target designation for target.
• Tracking goniometer: azimuth and elevation measurement, information interchange among designator, wireless transmission equipment and portable computer.
• Tripod: support of assembly, stable set-up of designator.
• Battery: providing primary power supply of product.

lwlds06.jpg3.2 Mainbody
With layout of direct sighting, mainbody is composed of laser transmission part, sighting and receiving part, electronic and operation part and etc..
3.2.1 Laser transmission part
DPL plan should be selected in laser transmission part, in order to improve work reliability. Housing of mainbody should be designed to laser cooling device, in order to sink heat and reduce weight, volume.
3.2.2 Sighting and receiving part
Optical part of observation and sighting is used in sighting and receiving part, magnification of sight should be 10× .
With features of small volume and light weight, integrated receiving amplifier is used in optoelectronic receiver.
3.2.3 Part of electronic and operation control
Unit of electronic and operation control has laser power supply part, part of control interface and data processing, part of operation control and display.
With features of high efficiency and small volume, plan of fly-back switching power supply is used in laser power supply part. Part of control interface and data processing is used in the following:
  • Controlling team working of each part by time sequence of control
  • Laser working cycle and code
  • Calculation of target distance
  • Interface management, including man machine interface and communication interface
  • Part of operation control and display is man machine interface, it is composed of key board and display.
3.3 Tracking goniometer
Tracking goniometer includes coupling level-adjusting mechanism , actuation goniometer part and information processing circuit.
For structure, tracking goniometer should be the support platform of mainbody, because installation load is more than 10Kg, mechanical intensity must be enough for tracking goniometer, it is also portable, lightweight and stable. Small modulus gear, worm gear drive are used for tracking easily.
Plan of hasp locking and nut adjustment is used in coupling level-adjusting mechanism, in order to ensure set-up level of instruments.

Information processing circuit should be hardware circuit with core single chip, function is as follows:
⑴Receiving output information of coder and calculating angles.
⑵Interface management, including man machine interface and communication interface.
⑶Receiving output information of GPS, positioning of target designator.

3.4 Tripod
Plan of support leg adjustable and stop claw is used for steady set-up on different ground.

3.5 Battery
Li battery of small volume and light weight is selected, the capacity should be about 10 Ah.

3.6 Orientation
Electromagnetic compass orientation is used in target designator.
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