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North-Seeking Gyroscopes - Target Acquisition Systems


High Accuracy North-Seeking Gyroscopes for Orientation of Ground Mobile Platforms and Target Acquisition Systems

north-seek-gyr-02.jpgVersatile Modular Target Acquisition System
  • Light weight, small volume
  • Powerful Man Machine Interface
  • Open architecture
  • Compatible with in-service optical equipment
    • Sensors: LRF, TI
    • GPS
  • Provides fast and accurate target coordinates
north-seek-gyr-03.jpg   north-seek-gyr-04.jpg

North-Seeking Gyroscopes Main Data

north-seek-gyr-09.jpgFast and accurate autonomous determination of north direction
Tempestini Group offers a complete product line of wiresuspended gyroscopes to cover the various requirements of orientation of military platforms and survey of weapon systems.
For more than 25 years numerous Armies and Air Forces world-wide have relied on and continue to use North-Seeking Gyroscopes on various vehicles, platforms and tripods.

6.000 North-Seeking Gyroscopes in, Service World-wide!


north-seek-gyr-07.jpg  north-seek-gyr-08.jpg

Features and Benefits
  • Autonomous determination of Geo North
  • High accuracy despite short measurement time
  • Low weight and small volume
  • Easy fully automatic operation from control panel
  • Remote operation
  • Self-leveling and measurement of pitch and roll angles (TMP-MK20)
  • High Reliability without scheduled maintenance
  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Orientation of radar platforms
  • Orientation of missiles launchers
  • Fire control for 120mm Mortar
  • Orientation of towed (FH70) and self-propelled howitzers (M 109)
  • Opto-electronic observation platforms
  • Target acquisition systems on tripod
  • Gun laying systems on tripod
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