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TMP-Alpha Unmanned Systems


We fly into the future
tmp-alpha-01.jpgTMP-Alpha Unmanned Systems is a leading designer, developer, producer of small UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), as well as an integrator of enhanced technology of FCS (Flight Control Systems) and Intelligent payloads for reconnaissance, surveillance and inspection of both nonmilitary and ISTAR missions.
TMP-Alpha Unmanned Systems innovative approach to UAV solutions for end users enables our client's to meet top notch operational and cost effective solutions.
TMP-Alpha Unmanned Systems offers all types of client's complete solutions in the UAVs arena, including completely integrated GCS(Ground Control Stations), communications, control software and accessories tailored to each client's needs.

tmp-alpha-02.jpgWe can offer turn-key customized solutions to meet specific client's requirements. TMP-Alpha Unmanned Systems is a fully integrated company non-dependent on third parties key technology and integrates available top-tier payloads to meet client's specifications.

These UAVs do not meet your needs? Please do not hesitate to call us and share with our team your mission requirements so that our engineers can design or adapt our platforms for you.

tmp-alpha-03.jpgThese systems typically include ready to fly UAVs, completely integrated GCS with auto tracking antenna from laptop to shelter stations, Visionair mission software, rugged carry cases, training, equipment warranty and maintenance contracts.

Ground control station & avionics
TMP-ALPHA UNMANNED SYSTEMS GROUND CONTROL STATION own proprietary technology, is a simple, compact, rugged and easy to carry and deploy GCS. Visionair Mission software is designed with an all-important goal: "Fly the camera, not the UAV".

tmp-alpha-06.jpgVisionair software helps avoid distractions unrelated to the main mission, with fully automatic flight where minimal operator input is required. The software is highly intuitive, easy to install in any commercial PC with low hardware requirements, with a similar Windows-style layout and usage, point & click operation with simple menus. Typically a non experienced operator requires less than one week to be fully trained.

Visionair can run on any customer maps, such as ortophoto, Google maps, Microsoft live maps, image captures, or specific client maps. The user can select different coordinates (UTM/MGRS/LAT-ON ... ). Also Digital Elevation Models (DEM) for terrain altitude, precision geopointing or low altitude warnings is afeature of the system.
Advanced automatic flight modes provides exceptional ease of operation for non-expert operators even during emergencies, communications loss, or adverse meteorological conditions.

tmp-alpha-08.jpgThe GCS includes amongst other capabilities:
  • Scalable from tablet PC to shelter
  • Multiple heterogeneous UAV operation, real time data
  • Network operation, C4
  • Syncronized video, telemetry, recording & reproducing
  • Fully integrated GCS in one compact unit
State of the art avionics, allows fully automatic flights, with diverse flight modes such as:
  • Auto Take Off and Landing (VTOL or precision landing for fixed wing)
  • Flight plan or Fly-to coordinates (up to 16 way points)
  • Hover or Hold (fixed wing)
  • No communications with the GCS needed (with flight plan loaded)
  • Failure modes to survive GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer, gyros, power, servos ...
  • Accurate Navigation

tmp-alpha-10.jpgSNIPER is a tactical piston automatic VTOL UAV. Day or night, non-military or "Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance" (ISTAR) missions. The Sniper can provide up to 2hr endurance missions with multiple payload capabilities.

Payloads variety:
  • Day, Thermal or IR gyrostabilized cameras
  • Optical 10x zoom
  • RS232 interface
  • Light weight
  • Completelly integrated with Autopilot and GCS
tmp-alpha-11.jpgTypical civil applications include:
  • Power line inspection
  • Oil & Gas pipeline and offshore drilling surveillance
  • Environmental or natural disasters
  • Search &Rescue
  • Fire Fighting support
  • Aerial Photography
  • Academic Research
Military missions:
  • Convoy Surveillance
  • Communications Relay
  • Border Surveillance
  • Inmmigration Control
  • Maritime Operations
  • "Over the Hill" Surveillance
  • Maximum take off weight 14 Kg
  • Standard mission weight 11 Kg
  • Max Payload 2kg
  • Length 1.6 meters
  • Height 0.7 meters
  • Rotor Diameter 1.8 meters
  • Aluminium
  • Speed 140 Km/h
  • Endurance(depends on payloads) 1h 45 min
  • Ceiling 3.000 m
  • Fully autonomous (VTOL)

tmp-alpha-14.jpgCOMMANDO is an autonomous electric unmanned VTOL system.
Its reduced sound emissions, light weight, cost effectiveness and portability allow the use of this platform in a wide variety of applications, both military and civilian. It is particularly useful in urban environments, where size, weight and also" see without being seen" can be crucial.
Never before" ease of use and quick deployment" were so true as with the Commando.

The Commando UAV is the lightest and easiest to use and deploy UAV in the market. With only 8 kg MTOW and endurance close to 45 minutes and no engine maintenance or complex set-up required, make the Commando an unbeatable option for quick and silent urban missions.
Police forces in various countries already have their Commando in operation for urban missions, anti-terrorist, night missions and as a trainer for larger UAVs such as the Sniper.

tmp-alpha-15.jpgMilitary, paramilitary:
  • Aerial Intelligence Gathering
  • Silent Surveillance and Reconnaisance
  • Target Acquisition
  • Law Enforcement
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Combat in Rural and Urban Areas
  • Public Safety Missions.
  • Fire Assessment
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Day/Night Traffic Surveillance
  • Commercial Applications
tmp-alpha-16.jpgPOWER PLANT
  • Engine Triphase brushless engine
  • Battery Lithium polimer
  • Maximum take off weight 8kg
  • Standards mission weight 7kg
  • Max Payload 0.5kg
  • Length 1.5 meters
  • Height 0.5 meters
  • Rotor Diameter 1.8 meters
tmp-alpha-17.jpgSTRUCTURE MATERIAL
  • Carbon fibre, aluminium
  • Speed 120km/h
  • Endurance (depends on payloads) 455 min
  • Ceiling 4.000 m
  • Fully autonomous (VTOL)

tmp-alpha-18.jpgThe ATLANTIC is a next generation UAV manufactured fuIly composite material. It has a very efficient wing section optimised for long endurance cruise. Together with its very clean aerodynamic design, it cruises at low power settings, resulting in low fuel consumption and longer engine life.

The aircraft is easily dismantled and stowed in a speciaIized case for transport. It is easily assembled and can be made ready for flight in a short period of time by a single operator. The Atlantic, with only 30 kg MTOW, can perform tactical missions up to 300 km from GCS

tmp-alpha-19.jpgWith a flight time up to 6 hours the Atlantic will perform a variety of missions from distant surveillance to large infrastructure inspection. The Atlantic is capable or carrying multiple payloads, such as double or triple sensor cameras, transponder, laser altimeter, and many other options to meet client's requirements.
The Atlantic UAV is capable of non-military missions such as Search and Rescue, Weather observation, Cartography, Topographic scan via Lidar, Scientific Research, and many more...
tmp-alpha-20.jpgThe Atlantic UAVs is ideal for all ISTAR missions, especially on the mid-tactical range, frontier surveillance, large maritime operations and military operations.

  • Environmental Protection, Forest Fire Prevention
  • Search and Rescue
  • Large Infrastruture Inspection
  • Frontier Surveillance
  • Maritime Operations
  • Topographical Maping
tmp-alpha-21.jpgMaterials Composite (Carbono+Kevlar)
Wing shape Eliptic
Tail V tail, removable
Profile High performance profile
Landing wheels YES
Parachute YES
  • Wingspan 3,8 m
  • Lenght 2,8 m
  • MTOW 37 Kg
  • Payload 12 Kg
Payload position Retractable
Launcher Mecanic, light
Engine Piston, 2-Stroke, 100 cm3
Parachute 300 gr 5 m/s
  • Altitude 4.000 m
  • Datalink > 50km
  • Crusing speed 110 Km/h
  • Maximum dash speed 180 km/h
  • Range (hr) 6-8 h
  • Generator/Alternator
  • Lipo back up batteries
  • High speed
  • Angular velocity 0,125/60°
  • Torque 24 kg/cm
  • Beacon PLB, 406 MHz+ low 121.5 MHz
  • Transponder Mode C, 4096 codes, FM
  • Laser-Altimeter INGMS, 630 m, 300 g
  • Radio Latimeter MRA Tipe 1, AGL + TAWS, 400g

Full training of operators with no previous experience at your facilities or our training field usually in just 4 weeks, including airborne, GCS, maintenance, mission planning ...
We provide operator certification after successful course completion.

Training can be provided in English, Spanish or Italian.
Other languages available in 2Q20 10.

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