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I risultati di un rapporto sulle minacce per l’Italia evidenziano l’intensità delle minacce informatiche a cui devono far fronte le aziende del nos [...]

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TMP-AeroTactic - Mini UAV Development


miniuav-01.jpgMODEL TMP-SKY 100
  • Urban Warfare
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Law Enforcement
  • Elite Military Units
  • Traffic Control
  • Fire Extinguishment
miniuav-02.jpgGeneral Description
The TMP-Sky 100 is lightweight, easy-to-use, mini UAV designed for observation mission in various scenarios such as:
  • Urban warfare
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Law enforcement
  • Elite military units
  • Traffic control
  • Aid and support in fire extinguishment
  • Air pollution monitoring
The system is completely autonomous and provides self navigation from point-to-point, altitude keeper, climb, descent and return to base in case of communication failure or end of mission.
The TMP-Sky 100 provide "over the hill" observation by transmitting live video images to the ground station. Normal operation range is 8 miles radius and can be extended up to 30 miles by using high gain directional antenna.

miniuav-03.jpgMain Features
  • High precision avionics system based on INS and GPS
  • Integral air speed sensor
  • High performance Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Electric brushless motor
  • Real time video image transmitter
  • High speed telemetry transceiver
  • Platform made of composite materials
  • Very short preflight
  • Packing in one backpack only
  • Payload - Day - CCD high resolution camera
  • Night - Night sensor FUR camera
  • Gimbaled or Fixed Camera
  • GCS - Pelican case including embedded power PC
  • Low noise signature
  • Easy to use
  • Short operation training
  • Range: 8 - 30 miles
  • Speed: 25-50 knots
  • Endurance: 1.5 hrs
  • Flight Ceiling: 8,000 ft – ASL
  • Operational Height : 300- 3,000 ft - AGL
Technical Data
  • Fuselage: 1.6m
  • Wing Span: 2.8 m
  • Takeoff Weight: up to 6 kg
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