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TMP-Cloud3 - Micro UAV with fixed wings


tmp-cloud01.jpgTMP-Cloud3 Micro UAV is a kind of air robot with fixed wings. It's less than 5kg. It refers to most key technology about micro systems, so it belongs to micro UAV. Including a lot of subsystems, such as electric aerocraft, GPS navigation autonomous flight autopilot, video microwave transmission, link- control and so on.

The airframe of TMP-Cloud3 is made up of the compound of PVC and EPS, which is light weight, strong intensity, not reflecting Hertzian waves, good performance of resistance to impact. The main wings of aircraft are in concavo-convex type. The dynamic load of UAV is big, which makes good volplane capability. The airframe combined with cabin and haulm. The controller of "flight level" and "turn up and down" are set at the botton of the haum, which makes control rather sensitive and convinient to regulate. Cabin is at the barycenter of the airframe, with large cubage to place different facilities. Single wing structure is designed on the high platform, which ensures security and stability well.

In the power group, there is high-efficiency electromotor /engine without brush and two airscrews which are both in fixed space. And it goes ahead by the drive of going backwards, which can protect engine and airscrews effectively. The airplane takes off by throwing, and slide down to the ground by abdomen. The UAV has no special request for the field, those places such as the flat and dry land, plat prairie and flood land in the country and the playgroud, road and top of the floor in the city can be ok.
  • Wingspan:1120mm
  • Body length: 970mm
  • Load: 200g
  • Take-off gross weight: 1500g
  • Maximum thrust: 900g
  • Cruising speed: 25-45 km/h
  • Flying height: 20-1500m
  • Endurance: 20-50min
  • Maximum wind: 4
  • Landing: hand rolls
FPV accessories:
1. Airframe 3 pcs
2. Motor 2pcs
3. Propeller 2pcs
4. Servo 3pcs
5. Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) 1pc
6. Battery (3S, 11.1V, 3700mA Lithium battery 2 pcs; 3S, 11.1V, 800mA Lithium battery 2 pcs)
7. Balancer 1 pc
8. Image Radio (Transmit and receive) 1 set
9. CCD Camera 1 pc
10. Servo Rod 3 pcs
11. Remote Control (optional) 1 pc

UAV accessories:
1. FPV accessories (except the Balancer)
2. GPS Telemetry
3. Autopilot
4. Ground Control Station (contains Screen Display system).
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