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TMP Libellula 21 - UAV Helicopter


tmp-libellula21-01.jpgLibellula 21 is a helicopter, the rotor can produce force upward in the air and relative air.
Rotor is controlled by the automatic tilt which can make the helicopter producing the force of forward, backward, left or right, so the helicopter can do:
  • Vertical upward or downward, air hovering, in situ turning around and it can fly forward, fly after and fly side;
  • It can make a long time hovering and fly closely to the ground. It can also use the terrain and surface features for hidden flight;
  • It does not need a special runway for vertical taking off and landing in the field.
  • If the engine failure in the air, a helicopter can use the rotor rotation to land safely.
In addition, Libellula 21 unmanned helicopter has characteristics of low-speed flight and flexibility. It has a unique advantage that it can be widely used for artillery firing exercises, the army intelligence reconnaissance and battlefield surveillance and naval short-range maritime surveillance (including monitoring the water and underwater’s target) and so on.
  • Wingspan radius:1760mm
  • Body length: 1570mm
  • load: 3000g
  • Take-off gross weight: 8000g
  • Cruising speed: 30 ~ 50km/h
  • Flying height: 10-1000m
  • Endurance: 15 ~ 45 min (electric engine) / 120
  • min (gas engine)
  • Maximum wind: 4
  • Landing: vertical take-off and landing
1. Fuselage
2. Special gas engine
3. 2.4G figure transmission system
4. Receiver
5. 8-channel control system
6. PTZ control systems
7. High-performance speed exhaust pipe
8. Micro-computer control system
9. Server
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