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TMP-Diptico - The first robot for riot control




Specially engineered for personnel engaged on disturbances, prisons riots and SWAT squads.

tmp-riotbot04The new TMP-Diptico is an advanced security robot especially designed for interventions In areas with a high degree of conflict and where the resulting conditions are not conducive to first person direct and frontal of the personnel.

TMP-Diptico employs a Pepperball TAC-700 carbine customized and adapted for safe use in the robot. It averages 700 rounds per minute and has a total capacity of 450 PAVA balls, a non-lethal ammunition. This carbine can only be shot using a remote control, which makes it impossible for unauthorized people to use it.

It can continuously operate alone or over two hours. Furthermore, the compressed air recharging, the replacement of batteries and the reloading of ammunition can all be done in less than five minutes.

TMP-Diptico has a totally ergonomic, light-weight remote control that controls the robot's movement, and vertical and horizontal position of the gun turret that is mounted and shot from the carbine. The system can be operated either through direct viewing or through incorporated video equipment.

With a speed of over 12 miles/hour and a weight of less than 40 pounds, it can be deployed and used quickly and safely by one operator at distances of over 1 mile.





Length: 24.6 in. (625 mm)
Width: 18,8 in (4775 mm)
Height: 24 in, (609 mm)
Weight: 40 lb. (18 kg.)
Speed: Up to 12Mph (20 km/h)
Engine: 6x6 drive wheeled
Zero turn radio


Rechargeable Lithium 12Vdc
Runtime: Up to 2 hours
Operation: Field replaceable


Data: 900 Mhz
Video: 2,4 GHz (Others available)
Operation range: Up to 1 mile (1,6km.)


Mounted camera on weapon
Day-night high resolution colour camera
Image 5ensor CCD
(Other cameras available)
Transportable Pelican Case
Length: 13,4 in, (340 mm)
Width: 11,6 m (295 mm)
Height: 6 in. (152 mm)
Weight: 3,3 lb. (1,5 kg.)

Integrated 7" LCD monitor
Horizontal resolution 540 tv lines
Audio microphone mounted on carbine

Remote control Play Station3 type
Wireless and independent from OCU

Non-lethal Weapon
PepperBall TAC 700
Average: 700 rounds/min
Round hopper 450 balls
Air bottles capacity: 39 cubic in.

Carrying, deployable and operated by a single operator.

tmp-riotbot08 tmp-riotbot09

Tempestini Systems believes in the security of personnel which is why it has created the new TMP-Diptico.

tmp-riotbot01Mission Scenarios
  • Riot Control
  • Civil Order
  • Disturbances in jails and prisons
  • Area Denial
  • SWAT team operations
  • Police round-ups
  • Boundary defense and intervention
  • Neutralization of suspects
  • Dissuasive activities
  • Check point security
  • Surrounding unit rescues
  • Interior inspections and securing
  • VIP protection
  • Urban warfare
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