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TMP-DP10k Er:Glass Laser Rangefinder


Eyesafe, high repetition rate laser rangefinder

Description and Features
tmp-dp10k01.jpgTMP-DP10k is a compact laser rangefinder for measuring distances of 10 kilometers and more with an accuracy of better than 5 meters. Based on a diode pumped Er:Glass laser, the TMP-DP10k provides fast pulse repetition rates of 10 Hz and higher. Working at an eyesafe wavelength of 1535 - 1554 nm, it is eyesafe according to laser class 1M.

Robust and easy to integrate

The compact design allows for easy integration into various measuring systems. The rangefinder is prepared for an external power net and can be controlled via a CAN-BUS interface. It is suited for usage under harsh environmental conditions. For alignment, a target-point LED diode is provided, working in the visible wavelength range.

  • Naval, army and airborne FCS (fire control systems)
  • Target tracking systems and anti-aircraft systems
  • Military surveillance
  • Multi-sensor platforms
  • For determination of flight altitudes
  • To measure the height of airplanes above ground level
  • In general for applications of position determination of moving objects
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Eyesafe operation
  • High repetition rate
  • Long distance measurements

Measurement parameters
Typical measuring range1 ≥ 10 km
Total measurement range 50 m ... 40,000 m
Guaranteed minimum measuring range 200 m
Measuring accuracy ± 5 m
Measuring resolution 1 m
Range gate Full range
Multiple target detection
Max. 5 targets are stored and transmitted
Measuring rate (programmable)
10 Hz (continuous operation)
20 Hz (burst operation)
Target discrimination 20 m

Laser type Diode-pumped Er:Glass laser
Operating wavelength 1535 nm ... 1554 nm
Beam divergence2 0.5 mrad ± 0.1 mrad
Transmitter optics
diameter 30 mm
Pulse energy 6 mJ ±1 mJ @ 10 Hz 4 mJ ±0.5 mJ @ 20 Hz
Pulse duration ≤ 30 ns
Laser classification 1M (EN 60825-2003-10)
Shot number lifetime ≥ 5,000,000
Alignment LED 635 nm; beam divergence approx 0.6 mrad

Detector type Avalanche photo diode
Receiver optics diameter 50 mm

Communication interfaces
Data interface standard CAN-Bus 2.0B (10 kBaud ... 1MBaud)
on request RS485

Electrical parameters
Power supply (external) 24 V nominal voltage
Current consumption in stand-by ≤ 0.15 A
Maximum current consumption
Approx. ≤ 8 A (@ 20 Hz repetition rate)


Mechanical Dimensions

(approx., depending on actual device configuration)
Weight ≤1600 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 223 mm x 60 mm x 124 mm
Ambient conditions
Operation temperature - 40 °C ... + 70 °C
Storage temperature - 55 °C ... + 70 °C

1) measured at standard target 2.3 m x 2.3 m, 10 % reflectance, visibility Vn = 10 km
2) incorporates 80 % beam energy of full angle

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