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TMP-SPIDER 12 All Terrain and Stair Climbing Robot Platform


TMP-SPIDER 12 is a robust all terrain and stair climbing Robot Platform that can be tossed into a potentially dangerous area for reconnaissance and has the ability of carrying payloads of 26 lbs (12 kg). It can operate in any orientation if necessary and its dual antenna is mounted on an articulated base that rotates to keep the antennas pointing upwards or hidden horizontally for transport and manipulation. The Tracksorb modular wheels(optional) were specially designed to absorb impact on the vertical axis and grabbing on to uneven terrain and climbing over obstacles.

Potential Uses:
deployed onto or into a structure or area or interest (room, roof, crawl space, warehouse), hostage situation, carry improvised devices weighing up to 26lb, chemical or radiation detection, cave or tunnel inspection, or use as an unmanned audio/visual surveillance.

Standard System Includes:
Aluminum chassis, Digital color cameras, high luminosity white LED lights, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, analogue video transmission, Scout controller with sunlight readable color screen (2in -IPOD type), impact resistant, down stairs, and toss-able, Mil Spec connectors, creep mode, and 1 meter drop test.
Scout System Controller has an ergonomic design to remote control any of the SUGV robot.
Made of light aluminum/nylon, standard Scout System Controller includes a 2 inch color screen display, On Screen Display (OSD) technology, soft membrane joystick, standard and liteye LE 600 monocle video outputs, 6 buttons for options like creep mode, camera selection, etc.
Scout System Controller is hard wired to the Back Pack Receiver, that includes the external antennas and MIL SPEC connectors to recharge the internal Li-ion batteries.

Controller features:

  • New Case Design for Controller and Receiver.
  • High definition Color Screen Display.
  • On Screen Display information.
  • Memory Flash Recorder (optional).
  • Back pack configuration for optimal transmission/reception.
  • Operator friendly small joystick.
  • Output for monocles and standard video displays.
Dimensions mm [in] (L )650 [25.6”]x (W)400 [15.7”] x (H) 170 [6.7”]
Materials Chassis: Aluminum / Nylon
Weight Less than 14 kg – 31lb
Payload Minimum of 12 kg
Climbing capability Stair climbing
Batteries Li-Ion batteries, rechargeable via external connection.
Speed Range Precision motion mode: less than 2.5 cm/s – 1in/s
Maximum Speed Target: 6 km/h – 3.7 MPH
Antennas position External Antenna.
Telemetry (Specify at time of order)
Video frequency: 1.4 GHz
Data frequency: 868 MHz

TMP-Spider 12 Order Information & Options
  • 1 IP 67, dust and waterproof up to 1m.
  • 2 Microphone
  • 3 Tracksorb Modular Wheels
  • 4 GPS
  • 5 Compass
  • 6 12v power connector
  • 7 Flash Drive Recorder on controller
  • 8 1911 Picatinny Rail
  • 9 Thermal Camera – needs picatinny rail option
  • 10 27x Zoom camera – needs picatinny rail option
  • 11 COFDM video and telemetry links
  • 12 Fiber Optic Cable System, 500mtr.
  • 13 Removable Turret with Thermal and Color video cameras, 180̊ swivel capability
Order Example:
TMP-Spider 12 10 with Controller, IP67 with Tracksorb Wheels , GPS, picatinny rail, and a x27 Zoom camera: MUSA-SC-A-1-3-4-8-10

Other Optional Equipment Under Development:

  • Sniper Detection
  • Range Finder
  • Chemical Detection
  • Manipulator Arm
1 - Fiber Optic Cable System
2 - Removable Turret with Thermal & Color video cameras
3 - 1911 Picatinny Rail
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