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TMP-ARMA 15 Cabled & Wireless versions


tmp-arma15-03.jpgTMP-Arma 15 transmits video from the gun mounted camera to a wrist mounted (ipod-nano style) display.
There are two models, a low cost unit cabled and a wireless version.

Power and Video wire is guided through elastic band on gun’s grip to make sure it doesn´t hang loose were it might interfere with normal use of the gun. Power and Video Connector facilitates rapid connection and disconnection. Picatinny compatible rail for laser sight.

TMP-Arma 15 consists of a camera mounted on a gun to give the user the ability to look and shootaround a corner or over a wall without unnecessary exposure to danger .

TMP-Arma 15 is turned on by pressing on both power switches of Display module simultaneously. This way the TMP-Arma 15 can be quickly activated with one hand but will not be turned on by accidental contact.

Wireless transmission of 10 to 15 frames per second to display via Bluetooth.
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