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TMP-SCALER 2 Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle


The TMP-Scaler 2 is a small, light weight, man-portable, and throw-able robot. The Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV) is designed to provide Military, Law Enforcement, or Emergency Services personnel the ability to deliver a remote controlled, mobile, electro optic, & audio sensor capability into a dangerous area or inaccessible targets, for search, surveillance, reconnaissance, & inspection missions.

The Tracksorb modular wheels were specially designed to absorb impact on the vertical axis and grab onto uneven terrain and climb over obstacles.
Potential Uses; thrown onto or into a structure or area of interest (room, roof, crawl space), hostage situation, or use as an unmanned audio/visual surveillance.


  • 360 deg. field of view (FOV).
  • 2 drive color day/night cameras with 4x digital zoom .
  • 2 side situational color day/night color cameras with 2x digital zoom.
  • COFDM video and digital telemetry links.
  • Transmission distances: LOS: 300 meters and NLOS: 150 meters
  • Audio microphone.
  • IR LED lights (visible LED config. available).
  • High pitch alarm buzzer.
  • 4WD High Traction Wheels.
  • Built to withstand multiple 2.5 mtr drops onto concrete or 8 mtr horizontal throws.
  • EMI and EMC tested.
  • Meets over 20 Mil-Specs.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours full operating condition and 12 hours standby mode.
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Audio/Video/Power Out Connector.
  • EMI and EMC tested.
  • Audio microphone.
  • 3 speed modes; Creep, Normal, & Escape.
  • Color display w/on screen status information.
  • Sleep mode.
System Includes
Nylon chassis, four digital zoom day/night color cameras, digital compass, audio-microphone, high luminosity IR LED lights, high pitch alarm, external 12v power and data connector, rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, charger 120v/220v, COFDM video, digital telemetry transmission, toss-able, Mil Spec connector, and pelican case.

Controller Display Unit (CDS)

The CDS unit is a man portable tablet controller used to remotely operate the TMP-Scaler 2 and Tactical Throw Camera (TTC) systems.

CDS Physical Characteristics:
Thickness: 61 mm (2.40 in)
Width: 182 mm (7.16 in)
Height: 167 mm (6.57 in)
Weight: 1.1Kg (2.42 lb)

Chassis: High Resistance Impact Plastic
Screen Protector: EMC-Shielded Polycarbonate
Joystick and buttons: Polyurethane Rubber

Robot Specifications

Chassis height: 72mm (2.83 in)
Wheel Height: 100 mm (3.93 in)
Width: 236 mm (9.29 in)
Length: 268 mm (10.55 in)
Weight: 2.1 Kg (4.62 lb)
Ground clearance: 24 mm (0.95 in)


Chassis: High Resistance Impact Plastic
Drive Train: Aluminium
Wheels: Polyurethane Rubber

Robot Environmental Characteristics:
IP level: IP65
Temperature range: -20°C + 60 °C
Performance: Max. speed: 10 Km/h
Shock resistance:
Vertical drop: 400 cm (13.12 ft)
Horizontal throw: 10 mt (33 ft)
Climbing performance: 45 degree (depending on surface material)
Payload: 3 Kg (6.61 lb) connected to optional Picatinny rail


  • Two-way voice communications.
  • 1911 Picatinny Rail.
  • Stair/obstacle climbing kit.
  • Turret with Thermal Camera, rotates 180̊.
  • Thermal Imaging performance:
    • FOV: 36̊ h x 27̊ v
    • Spectral Band: 8 – 14 μ
    • Time to Image: <2 sec
    • Focal Length: 19mm
  • GPS, 5012D-CE GPS Receiver + Antenna, incorporates a highly sensitive 16-channel, very quick time to-fix GPS Receiver, and a high performance active/ filtered GPS antenna. WAAS and EGNOS supported.
  • Transceiver Kit, transmits video from MUVG to a remote location (command post, vehicle, or HQ). The TRN allows video feed to be fed into tactical radio systems, cell phones, computers or any other display system.
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