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TMP-2200HS Long Range Cordless Phone System


Smart, Wireless, Communication Solution

The TMP-2200HS wireless handset has the unique designed for multi-propose functions for wireless paging &intercom, long-range cordless phone, and 2-Way Radios (walkie talkie). It is special design for oil &gas industrial use. It is compatible with the TMP-2200 System and TMP-2300 System. The TMP-2200HS can make wireless paging through the TMP-2200 system. The TMP-2200HS can also make an outgoing call or receiving a call through the TMP- 2300 system. The TMP-2200HS has the built-in Handset to Handset intercom function, so it can work as 2-Way Radios.
The TMP-2300B base station acts like a "repeater" and provides you with ability to communicate with other handsets with a kilometer away. The TMP-2200HS has the built-in vibrator function to alert the user in the noise environment.
The TMP-2200HS system is completely wireless. When you need to move the rig from one location to another location, you don't need to spend the extra time and money to uninstall the system and to disconnect the cables. The TMP-2200HS system is so easy to use, and it is just plug and play.
The TMP-2200HS is the first hazardous area cordless phone for oil rig industry with the CSA Class 1 Div. 2 approval.

  • Intrinsically safe designed for working in the hazardous area
  • Cordless handset with Class 1Div. 2classification
  • Communication range up to 3KM with an external antenna setup
  • Base station can work individually as a singal system
  • System can be integrated with a small PBX system
  • Handset to handset intercom as (Walkie Talkie) without PBX
  • Easy to use and just plug and play
  • Our system is scalable to fit any size location
Security Function for Wireless Device:
  • Built-in Digital Voice Scrambler
  • Password protection on the Base Station and Handset for changing and program settings
  • Option to use Auto Key Lock feature
  • Ability to program your own security code so someone with the same handset cannot dial with your phone line
  • GSM HSPA Wireless Modem provide voice and data service
  • PBX switch provide PSTN &VOIP connections
  • Multiple base stations can be linked with the PBX switch to create a wireless phone system
  • PBX switch provide 4, 8, 16 or 32 extensions available for expansion
  • Handset to handset intercom as wireless extension with PBX (full duplex)
PBX with VOIP and regular land line feature
Handset to handset intercom as wireless extension with PBX
* GSM HSPA Wireless Modem provide voice and data service
* PBX system provide 4, 8, 16 extensions available for expansion
* FCC approved Part 15 & Part 68

Application Idea #1:
Single base with multi-handsets system connected with landline.
The base station can connect to regular landline or analog single from the Satellite device to receive calls or making an outgoing call. Each base station can support multihandsets.
The oil rig workers can answer the call from the Doghouse or from the Mud Tank or any where in the rig site. The workers can also intercom between the handsets and it will work as a "Walkie Talkie".

Application Idea #2:
Single base with multi-handset system connecting with VOIP ATA Box.
Some oil rig sites have already got Internet connection and you can also benefit the advantage of the Internet connection for the VOIP feature. Our system can connect to a VOIP ATA Box to receive an analog signal. Through the VOIP ATA Box, you can receive and make an outgoing call from the cordless handsets. You can also allow to transfer the call between the handsets.

Application Idea #3:
The system integrated with cellular modem & PBX.

Because of the popularity of cellular networks, many remote locations are now also covered by the GSM and / or the CDMA networks. You can benefit of using the up today technology the "Cell Modem". The Cell Modem can be operated from GSM or CDMA network. Through the GSM / CDMA network, the Cell Modem offers high speed internet connectivity over the HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) wireless network to businesses looking for voice and data service in the remote location. The Cell Modem can also provide the digital signal via the RJ-45 connections, so we will need an ATA Box to convert the digital signal to analog signal. Or you can install our PBX switch. Our Hybrid PBX Switch can handle both digital and analog single, and it has the built-in RJ-11 ports for analog PSTN lines and RJ-45 ports for digital VOIP input.

In order to increase the communication range for the cellular signal, you can install the 14dB Yagi Antenna to the Cell Modem.

Our Hybrid PBX Switch has the built-in function to convert the digital signal from the Cell Modem to the analog signal for VOIP feature. The other PBX features as listed below:
  • Auto Attendants
  • Voicemail
  • Remote Extensions
  • Easy set-up
  • Expandable
  • Analog and IP phones
  • Dial-By-Name Directory
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Cascade
  • Ring Groups
  • Uniform Call Distribution
  • Call Queue
  • Automatic Route Selection
  • Toll Restriction
  • Call Detail Record Logging
  • Line Appearance (with TS-9133i and TS-480i phones)
  • Multiple Language Prompts
  • Call Forward
  • Auto Fax Detection
  • Call Conference
  • Call Back/Call Bridge
  • Mode Scheduling
  • Call Hold/Transfer/Park
  • Call Screening
  • Intercom
  • Call Pickup
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Public Announcement
  • Remote Management
  • LAN capability
  • Free Software Upgrades
You can connect multi-base stations in to the PBX Switch and make them work as a wireless PBX extensions. One can dial the wireless extension to call other handsets, because the PBX is handling the internal call, so the intercom between the wireless extension will be in full duplex mode.
The PBX is also able to control the outgoing call and the incoming call.

Communication Range with Antennas:
Standard Indoor / Window Mount Antenna:
The Standard Indoor Antenna is the basic antenna that comes with the package. This 900MHz indoor antenna has the communication range from 500M to 1KM. The performance is depended on the location for the base station.
The Window Mount Antenna provides the fixable option where the base station has to be hidden behind the cabinet or the location is not ideal for installing the base station.
The window mount antenna provides the 10 feet length of cable. It makes an installation much easy. This 900MHz window mouth antenna has the communication range from 800M to 1KM. The performance is depended on the location for the base station.

Magnet Mount / 6dB Omni-Directional Antenna:
The Magnet Mount Antenna is designed for the installing the Base Station inside the metal enclosure environment or the metal building. The radio signal has no way to send out the building. The Magnet Mount Antenna is also weather proof that it can place it at the outdoor environment. This 900MHz Magnet Mount Antenna has the communication range from 1KM to 1.5KM. The performance is depended on the location for the base station.
The 6dB Omni-Directional Antenna is high gain antenna with low loss coaxial antenna cable. It is designed for the user who needs the extra power for the longer communication range. The antenna is designed for outdoor usage and with weather proof. This 900MHz 6dB Omni-directional Antenna has the communication range from 1KM to 3KM. The performance is depended on the height of antenna setup and the location elevation of the area.

14dB Yagi Antenna / 6dB Antenna with Antenna Power Booster:
The 14dB Uni-directional or Yagi Antenna is ideal for pointto- point communication. These 900MHz Yagi Antenna provide the longest range of the communication from 1KM up to 5KM. The performance is depended on the height of antenna setup and the location elevation of the area. The 6dB Omni-directional Antenna with Antenna Power Booster System provides 3 times more range than just use the 6dB Antenna itself. Simple the Antenna Booster that boost up the RF power right from the tip of the 6dB Antenna without loss power from the antenna cable. The coaxial antenna cable carry both RF power signal and the DC power and delivery to the Amplifier Unit, and the Amplifier Unit will generated 600mW RF Power to power up the 6dB Omni-directional Antenna. The communication range with this setup, you can get the distance up to 9KM.

  • You can add up to nine base station units together to cover a maximum of 9 telephone lines. Unlike other long range wireless systems (particularly ones that use DSS technology), you can put all of your base stations together without worrying about interference.
  • Each individual base unit can accommodate up to 90 handsets. However, more practically, you would use nine base units which could then handle up to 90 handsets, giving you for 90 wireless extensions
Technical Specification:
 Frequency 902 / 928 MHz 902 / 928 MHz 
 9V DC, 1000mA 4.8V DC, 800
mAh, Ni-MH
Battery Pack
 12V DC,
1000 mA
 109x149x39 mm
4.31x5.87x1.51 inches
1.81x5.55x1.18 inches
 75 x 100 x
45 mm
2.95 x 3.93
x 1.77
 Weight 400 grams 203 grams with
battery pack
 117 grams
   CSA Class 1 Div 2 

  • Offices Factories
  • Homes Oil rigs, forestry & mining
  • Warehouses Green Houses
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Garages
  • Farms/Ranch
  • Retail stores
  • Resorts
  • Schools
  • Remote locations
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