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Explosives Detector - CRO-P.E.T. & CRO-N.E.T.


Tempestini Systems provides invaluable tools in today's war on terrorism, offering unique solutions to meet ever evolving security challenges. The company applies proprietary technology and unmatched expertise and innovation in the field of explosives to devise user-friendly products for fast, accurate detection of virtually any type of explosive.

Put today's most advanced, practical explosive detection power in your pocket.

IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) represent the top threat to civilian security worldwide. The ever-increasing availability of IEDs to terrorist organizations can allow them to bring down airplanes, blast buses and trains, destroy restaurants and shopping centers and inflict massive death and injury. An effective way to prevent such sever consequences is the early detection of explosives.


Tempestini Systems products - Ideal Security Solutions
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly
  • Completely safe
  • Instant response
  • Low level of detection (LOD)
Tempestini Systems's products can save lives when used by:
  • Transport Security - Airports I Airlines I Seaports I Train Stations I Bus terminals
  • Police & Law Enforcement Units
  • Military
  • FIF (First Intervention Forces)
  • Bomb Squads
  • Private companies, Banks, Mega-Stores
The CRO-SET is the most compact explosive detection kit available and it’s the ideal solution for security personnel.

CRO-SET includes the CRO-N.E.T and the CRO-P.E.T, covering a broad spectrum of explosives.


Identification of explosives.

Detection of persons having handled explosives.

Detection of surfaces contaminated by explosives.

CRO-SET - Pioneering identification technology
The CRO-N.E.T is capable of K1entifying the full range of well known types of military and commercially available explosives such as TNT, RDX, C4, PETN. SEMTEX, etc.
The CRO-P.E.T is the first explosives identifier of its kind, effective against TATP and other peroxide based IEOs. It is tight, easy to use, offering instant results even with trace quantities. The CRO-P.E.T is highly sensitive, exhibiting low levels of false positive and false negative alarm rates.

Proven experience

The CRO-SET is based on the ETK Plus technology. It has been successfully used for many years by police, airlines and security organizations Worldwide

The CRO-SET offers easy operation, minimal training and explosives identification within seconds.

The first choice for first intervention
The CRO-SET is a perfect tool for the entire range of law enforcement agencies and personnel.