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Digital Mail/Parcel X-ray - Compact, Low-dose Color Scanner Rejects Bombs,Weapons and Threats


The 3920 is a film-safe, really compact fully featured digital scanner, with no corner cut-off.
Personal attacks by parcel and letterbombers, anthrax and other aggressors promote uneasiness and vulnerability.
Proven against bombs, weapons,narcotics, persons and other threats. For higher scanning throughput, larger items, with airport security features, consider our compact 4626 or 5333 through-conveyor systems.
The Desktop 3920, featuring a 39 cm (15.4”) wide x 20.3 cm (8.0”) high tunnel opening is an ultra compact, portable, all digital, color, foldedarray, cabinet-conveyor X-ray system for inspecting briefcases, food, purses, clothing, electronics, cameras, shoes, mailbags, bins and parcels.

Ideal for:
  • Mailrooms
  • Government Buildings
  • Police Stations
  • Embassies
  • Professional Offices
  • Courts
  • Media Houses
  • Banks
  • Hotels Checkpoints
  • Acounting & Law Firms Workplaces
  • Sensitive Areas Executive Mail
  • Special Deliveries

Features and Benefits

Very portable, compact and affordable. Operates in tight spaces, corners, against a wall, on any desk, cart or tabletop. Available matching cart.

Advanced, bright, digital color image. Unlike higher exposure, radiation analog fluoroscopes, the 3920 is filmsafe and its folded array automatically images all contents directly and without corner “cut-off”.

Over twice the effective digital screening capacity, with superior resolution, penetration and features.

Includes full Pentium imaging, 17” LCD monitor, Dynagraphy RealClear® and color, Densalert®, Sensing®, Zoom, Lighten, Density-Scan, and Low Density Stripping.

Auto Tracking® patented conveyor system never needs belt or roller adjustment, saving operating costs.

Unique Sensing® eliminates troublesome photosensors, assuring 100% screening of parcels already in tunnel upon start-up. á Interactive training and highly responsive worldwide service. Engineered, critically built and tested in America to the highest ISO 9001 and regulatory standards.

Inspection Capabilities
Tunnel Size: 15.4" wide (39 cm); 8.0" high (20.3 cm); 15.5” long (40 cm)
L-shaped detector for 100% package screening.
Material Penetration: 4 mm (0.16”) steel.
Contrast Sensitivity: Over 2 million color tones standard.
Resolution: 38-40 AWG wire.
Processing: Automatic pushbutton photodiode scan.
autoTracking®: Belt guaranteed to autoTrack for life.
Film Safety: Guaranteed for high-speed films up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN).
*Full autoSensing® without photosensors, moving parts, or footpad - Reduces downtime and assures all magazines, envelopes or . items are scanned, no matter how thin, or of bag already in tunnel at start-up. Enhances radiation and operator safety.

X-ray Generator
X-ray tube head: Self-contained
High voltage rating: 90 kV standard. 60 kV operating.
Duty cycle: 100% with sealed oil bath cooling
Beam orientation: Diagonal 80°
Dose rate per exam: 0.1 mR. Lower doses available.

X-ray Detectors
Surface mounted, multilayer, fully integrated, high frequency, solid state photodiodes using high  speed processors, and enhanced Pentium image processing as in airports, with Single Energy color by density.

Standard with color 19” SVGA monitor. High resolution, flicker-free, .28 dot pitch, low rad. monitor, 1280 x 1024.
Single energy color is based on object density. Larger monitors or 15” flat screen monitor available.

Standard Features
• RealClear® • 4X zoom • Automatic pushbutton conveyor
• autoDensalert® • Dark & Light enhance • 17” High resolution LCD
• autoTracking® • DensityScan • Fully functional, robust, low profile
• autoSensing® • High/Low Density & Stripping keyboard
• Color; Reverse B/W • High density • Fully digital

• Non-marking matching cart • kV, mA meter or item counter • Remote; printer or VCR cable
• Larger LCD or CRT monitors • Power conditioner, or UPS • Built-in Training
• Locking metal keyboard cover • Locking monitor hood • Rental or leases
• CE marking • Foreign language menus

Physical Details
Dimensions:  Optional undercarriage is 74.4 cm (29.2”) Long x 51.5 cm (20.3”) wide x 61.9 cm (24.4”) high
Weight: 185 lbs (83 kg)
Construction: Unibody heavy gauge epoxy painted steel construction. Stainless steel command center keypad.
Environmental Temperature range: 23°to 131°F,
Conditions: -5° to 55°C • Humidity 20% - 95%, non-condensing.
Storage to 65°C (149°F)
Electrical Power Consumption: < 0.6 kVA
Requirements: 100, 120, 230 volts AC + 10%, < 6 amps.
200, 220, 240, 250 volts AC ± 10%, < 3 amps. All at 50 or 60 Hz.

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