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Detect, identify, and track all drones flying in the buffer zone near your site's airspace.

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TMP Mobile Radar System


Mobile Ground Radar for detecing persons, vehicles, etc.

Software Control with Radar Visualization and Video Display
This mobile ground radar system provides you with a flexible tool to detect persons or vehicles at distances of up to 15 km.
Ideally suited for border control, perimeter protection of temporary camps, hostage-taking, etc.

AIMS Vehicle Security System
(AIMS: Antenna Integrated Mobile Scanner)

  • AIMS Fast-Scan
  • Roof rack mounting system
  • Operates under motion (up to 100 km/h) or at rest
  • Integrated camera control for automated pointing by radar
  • For flat areas (like airports) with:
    • Algorithms compensating the motion of the radar vehicle
    • Detections plotted on digital map or compass rose
    • Built-in camera control
  • For rugged and remote areas, order with additional:
    • GPS and digital compass

Available with following camera types:

  • Daylight CCD video camera
  • Low-light video camera
  • Low-light video camera with illuminators
  • Long-range video systems
  • Thermal
    • Uncooled (short to mid-range)
  • Costs less
  • Higher MTBF
    • Cooled (mid-range to long range)
  • High resolution
  • Low MTBF
  • Considerably longer range
  • Specified performance levels:
  • Detection range (means 2-3 pixels on the focal plane array are illuminated by the object)
  • Characterize or recognize (means 8-12 pixels are illuminated by the object)
  • Identification (means 16 or more pixels are illuminated by object)
  • For good slew-to-cue (automated pointing) direced by a radar, the attached video camera should be able to pan at least 30 degrees per second, 50+ deg/sec is preferred.
  • Transmitted Frequency: 9.23 GHz
  • Peak Radiated Power: 1 Watt to 80 Watts
  • Radar components
  • Power Requirements: ~100 watts for 2 km
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +70°C
  • Completely sealed (no airflow to the outside)
  • Size/weight: 76 x 76 cm / ~ 25 kg
  • Scan Rate: Maximum of 60 deg/sec (48 deg/sec max during surveillance mode)
  • Camera control server built-in for ICx, Infrared Inc., Pelco-D, FLIR, VICON, Vumii, TASS, Argon ST, L-3 Electronics, L-3 Communications/ CPU/Electronics Wired (RJ-45) Ethernet Cincinnati L Thermal Eye
  • Pointing control for LRAD, Quickset, more
  • AIMS Fast-Scan comes in 1.5, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 15 km versions (human detection ranges)
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