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CheckGate 9000 Walkthrough Metal Detector


radiogeno_checkgate9000_01.jpgSophisticated Discrimination
Double checks each individual, saving valuable time and manpower. This unit's proprietary technology is equipped with a multi-field transmitter and receiver on both sides of the archway.
Selected by the world’s most demanding screeners, such as the Federal Marshals Service and major airlines, reliably fast screening and dependability are the hallmark of the CheckGate® 9000P.
Lowest False Alarm Rates
The easiest, fastest checkpoint processing is achieved, or alternatively, much better discrimination at normal alarm rates.
Advanced Signal Processing
Unlike other detectors, RFI/EMI interference from electronic devices, including display monitors, is eliminated and does not affect operation.
Simple Set-up and Operation
Setting detection levels, volume, sensitivity, tone, and speed are easily accomplished by entering a password.
Fast Automatic Calibration
Automatically balances out all external metal within one foot of the panel sides.
Quality Assured
CE compliant, medically safe, FAA approved and designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.

Technical Specifications

Security is absolute with this preferred government specified model. The CheckGate® 9000 provides extremely low false alarm rates and offers the highest throughput traffic flow. Unique patented dual antenna construction eliminates false alarms on personal items, providing maximum detection and maximum reliability. This unit offers an attractive grey granite seamless, thermoplastic housing. Proven with continued operation in the world’s busiest airports, U.S. Government facilities, courtrooms, hospitals, etc. This is easily, the leading model in airports and Federal facility installations for high throughput and immunity from RFI and EMI electrical noise interference. The lowest false alarm and highest threat object detection rates are assured in the busiest and toughest security environments.

Standard Features
  • DSP circuitry eliminates spikes, noise, and two-way radio interference.
  • No Sensors are required––detection circuitry is continuously active.
  • Bright and large squared LED indicators for power and alarm status.
  • LCD display indicates settings, diagnostic functions and operational menus.
  • Diagnostics are built in and circuits are constantly monitored for faults.
  • 100 Standard programs, ferrous and nonferrous metal detection.
  • Sensitivity range settings are selectable from 0 to 99 for target detection.
  • Remote alarm relay and data output connector.
  • Cable-free installation with four audio tone selections.
  • One year warranty on all parts and labor––extended warranty available. Lifetime no chip or crack warranty on housing materials.
Unique Performance Qualities
  • Unique dual antenna system provides multi-field detection within the entire archway. The patented antenna and electronics system is combined with specially designed software. These physical resources produce by far the lowest false alarm rate for any given target.
  • Left-to-right, right-to-left, center, top-to-bottom, and bottom-to-top positions within the archway exhibit detection on any test object. “Strong” and “weak sides” are eliminated. No other competitor’s model comes close.
  • Custom program configuration is obtained by using the built-in prompts on the included menu. Specific target selection based on metal content and shape characteristics can be accomplished.
  • System design ensures that the overall magnetic field radius is reduced by 50%. This allows for less moving metal interference at the front and exit sides of the archway portal.
  • A dual channel bargraph meter makes it easy to optimize the archway in busy locations. Unit self adjusts to withstand environmental interference from large static metal objects.
  • The archway can be optimized for increasing or decreasing signal levels at the floor area of the portal opening width. Detection at ankle level or below the ankle can be selected by adjusting a maximum of two parameters. Selection of a higher numbered program in each group of 10 offers a greater distance from floor level and a lower number results in improved detection at floor level.
Performance Standards Meets and exceeds NILECJ standard 0601.00 level 1-5, FCC and F.A.A. Airport Security Regulations.
Electronics Microprocessor computer controlled circuitry with 12 digit keypad entry control, LCD display, LED bargraph meter & audio/visual alarm.
Archway Solid thermoplastic housing which contains the multi-field antenna.
Standard Color: Grey granite.
Specify 9000-P (Plastic) or 9000-F (Formica)
Power Industrial grade power supply 90-265 (less than 1 Amp)
Environmental Conditions Temperature: -10°C to 55°C
Humidity: 0-95%, non-condensing

Dimensions & Weight / Standard Configuration
Overall Loop Assembly 35”W x 87”H x 24”D (89cm x 221cm x 61cm)
Passageway Clearance 28”W x 79.5”H (71cm x 202cm)
Net Weight 99-110 lbs. (45-50 kg)

  • Remote Command Center
  • Battery Backup
  • Built-in Power Conditioner
  • 24" and Custom Widths
  • Matching Key Side Table
  • CE Marking
  • Remote Annunciator Panel 14.7”W x 23.3”D x 38”H (37cm W x 59cm D x 96cm H)
  • Award-Winning HandWand
  • Custom Color Finishes
  • Floor Anchor Kit
  • Person Counter, Sensor
  • Wheels; No Tools Hardware
  • Weatherization
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