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TMP-RGS - Remote ground sensor system


1. System Description

1.1 Overview
Tempestini Systems is able to supply specialist remote ground sensor elements designed for external deployments.
The RGS system is a wire free alarm system tailored for rugged external deployments using passive sensing techniques.
The RGS system is intended to covertly monitor a perimeter or area for personnel and/or vehicle movements and provide alarms. It can be used at critical points or in dead ground up to 3 Km from the operator.
The basic system consists of a Hand Held Receiver and a number of remotely deployed Sensors and Transmitter / Sensor Processor units.

1.2 Basic System

A system diagram is shown below.

RGS System Diagram

The basic system configuration shown in the above diagram consists of a set of sensors (PIR, Seismic, Magnetic and trip wire) which are attached to a sensor transmitter unit. This then provides the wire-free link to a handheld

The system is compact, robust and easily deployed. It provides the User with flexible detector options, to enable the remote monitoring of most scenarios.

2. System Components

2.1 Receiver
The hand held Receiver can monitor up to 64 transmitters and provides a control output which may be used to trigger external devices (e.g. video system). It also has a serial output which can be used for connection to a printer or to a PC.
Alternatively this serial interface may be used to connect to other Alarm equipment.

RGS Handheld Receiver

2.2 Transmitter/Sensor Processor
The Transmitter unit attaches to a selected sensor and processes the sensor activation before transmitting the alarm message to the receiver.

2.3 PIR
The PIR sensors are able to detect humans and vehicles at ranges up to 100m, and provide a left-right or right-left direction of travel indication.

2.4 Make/Break Wire
The trip wire is a very fine pair of wires which can be used as a one time trigger once the link is broken (e.g. if stuck across a door). There is a magazine of wire so the sensor can be reused

RGS PIR and Transmitter

2.5 Geophone
The seismic sensor detects vibrations in the ground, and is able to classify targets as either vehicle or foot.

2.6 Magnetic Sensor is able to detect changes in magnetic field (e.g. a vehicle passing or a metal gate being opened) to enhance the classification of targets.

RGS Geophone and Transmitter

3. Options
The RGS System is able to interface with the following options (note: Please contact Tempestini Systems to discuss more details if any options may be required) :

3.1 Supporting PC Application Software
The Hand Held Receiver which is part of the RGS System can interface with HyperTerminal via the serial port to a standard PC. All alarm messages can be displayed and recorded.

3.2 MAGPIE Command and Control System
MAGPIE is a PC application which interfaces with the TMP RGS and remote video systems.
The package provides a graphical mapping display with overlays of operational data such as sensor locations and status, operational intelligence and key locations. It can also be used as an operational planning tool for deployment and briefings.

3.3 GSM Interface
The RGS system is compatible with the TMP MERLIN GSM Interface Unit. This is connected to the Hand Held Receiver and relays alarms to a GSM handset of remote PC. The Buried Merlin has an integral wireless alarm receiver and will send a SMS message on alarm activation.

3.4 TETRA Interface
The RGS system is compatible with the TMP AQUILA TETRA Interface Unit. This is connected to the Hand Held Receiver and relays alarms via a TETRA network to a hand-held radio, remote PC or command and control system.

3.5 VHF Rebroadcast Relay
The 5W rebroadcast unit is to increase the range of alarms activated by the remote ground sensors. The unit can also be useful in difficult deployments to ensure reliable communications is achieved.

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