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TMP-DEFENDER - Sistemi Jamming per strutture sensibili


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SIM-CellStop è un inibitore radio cellular e intelligente; progettato per costruire una completa rete d’inibizione, controllata tramite una rete LAN.
L’utilizzo del SIM-CellStop per il monitoraggio di edifici, consente una rilevazione di chiamate da telefoni cellulari  con una probabilità estremamente alta, se l’edificio dispone di un cercatore di posizione in ciascuno spazio monitorato.

SIM-CellStop – funziona così:
1. Un detenuto inizia ad usare il cellulare
2. Il SIM-CellStop rileva il telefono attivo
3. Il  SIM-CellStop inizia a bloccare la chiamata tramite inibizione
4. La chiamata non riuscita viene segnalata al detenuto
5. Un server di allarme mostra la collocazione del telefono cellulare utilizzato
  • L’inibizione è limitata temporalmente, localmente e nella sua  frequenza, al di fuori del sistema monitorato il disturbo è minimo (es.sistema penale)
  • L’inibizione agisce solo nella cella in cui si trova un telefono cellulare attivo.
  • L’inibizione avviene solo nel downlink range delle corrispondenti bande, nessuna inibizione banda larga.
  • L’inibizione avviene con adattiva alla potenza di  trasmissione , controllata da soglie regolabili 
  • L’inibizione ha una durata breve, poi riprende la ricerca, e quindi ulteriore rilevamento ed inibizione selettiva di telefoni cellulari nella stessa area.SIM-CellStop is a intelligent cellular radio jammer concept; designed to built a complete jamming network, which will be controlled via a LAN network.

System with central control panel:
Each SIM-CellStop is connected with a busline and an evaluation computer (alarm server). On a busline up to 32 SIM-CellStop devices can be operated. The standard installation provides a connection of up to eight such buslines to the evaluation computer. All SIM-CellStop indicate the reception and the measured field intensity to the central evaluation computer. Actually several devices can be activated simultaneously. The computer evaluates the stored three-dimensional measurements of the local realities and decides to which alarm indicator the mobile phone must be assigned to actually. Separate detection of several simultaneously active mobile phone in the same environment is therefore also possible. The evaluation computer indicates all measurements in an alarm indicator graphics, where both, the reception (pink), as well as the decision (red) is displayed. All alarm events will be logged and stored.

In the device version with jamming transmitter, the decentralized transmission of the interruption pulse is immediately effected (in addition to the locating) by the position finders, which are the next to the mobile phone.
The mobile phone contact is abandoned and the call location is stored.

Alarm server 2x32

Alarm server with up to 8 SIM-CellStop bus lines.

System without control panel as subsystem:
If a central control panel is not provided, the evaluation computer can be installed covered at a central place. The monitor however remains for installation and parameter setup. Because of a stored table and via the bus system, the evaluation computer autonomously assigns each detection to the concerning SIM-CellStop. The computer decentrally indicates then the alarm decision via his monitoring output. That can be the triggering alarm indicator, but also each other equipment, e.g. decentral collective and group indications. These decentral outputs can work then as alarm detectors in other alarm systems.

Subsystem for external Management Systems:
The alarm server or the master server can be integrated via an interface into a higher-ranking external management system as a subsystem. Via this project specific interface, all events, evaluation data and the actual detection results are transferred to the management system for displaying, logging and further processing.

Master Server operation with several Alarm Servers:
The position finding and the triggered jamming is detected and documented by the devices and the software of the model serie SIM-CellStop. The further use of these data and the remote control of the device is made via conventional network technologies and software.

SIM-CellStop Position Finder GSM/3G
Order No.: 587.010.0
SIM-CellStop Position Finder GSM/3G/WLAN
Order No.: 587.010.1
Available after prior projectspecific
Detector for recognizing transmitting GSM and UMTS mobile phones, for the incorporation in existing installations, consisting of a p.c. board with receive and evaluation electronics, an antenna socket and a terminal strip. The detector is provided with an RS485 interface for address-encoded transmission of field strength information via a bus cable J-Y(St)Y 4x2x0.8 to a central evaluation location. A potential-free output can be directly activated by the detector or remotecontrolled by the central evaluation location for activating local alarms. The sensitivity can be adjusted. A sabotage alarm loop with alarm triggering can be connected to the device.
Power supply : 22 - 30 V; 75 mA at 24 V
Dimensions : 91x53x17 mm (LxWxH)

SIM-CellStop Phone Blocker GSM/3G, 0,5W
Order No.: 587.015.1
SIM-CellStop Phone Blocker GSM/3G, 2W
Order No.: 587.015.1
SIM-CellStop - Phone Blocker:
Jamming transmitter (3-bands) for suppression of GSM 900, 1800 and UMTS at the same time, in the version 500 mW or max. approx. 2W. The equipment itself has no locating function and is activated by an in series connected
SIM-CellStop position finder.
Connection to the position finder via cable J-Y(ST)Y 4x2x0.8.

Alarm server with up to 8 SIM-CellStop bus lines

SIM-CellStop Alarm server 2x32
Order No.: 587.030.0

SIM-CellStop Additional buslines 2x32

Order No.: 587.031.0
Evaluation computer as 19“ industry PC for two SIMCellStop buslines in its basic body with the option to enlarge up to eight SIM-CellStop buslines, for the startup procedure, evaluation, display and logging of 2x32 or up to 256 (8x32) position finders of the type SIM-CellStop, CD drive, network connection, keyboard, LCD colour monitor 17“ and a cable set. The number of connectable bus lines are reduced, if other project dependent services are required and integrated.

SIM-CellStop Monitoring software 8x32

Order No.: 587.030.1
Configuring and alarm monitoring software (dongle protected) for installation in alarm server to check threedimensionally up to 256 field strength protocols to analyze the transmission location. To avoid false alarms in the rooms beside or above, the evaluation takes the topology of the installation into account. The software enables central displaying and logging of alarms on the monitor. It activates, if required, potential-free outputs on the position finders for decentral display and for alarm integration in other systems.
The server can be maintenanced by remote control.

SIM-CellStop Master server 19“
Order No.: 587.035.0
SIM-CellStop Master server monitoring software
Order No.: 587.035.1
Evaluation computer as 19“ industry PC for the alarm server overriding startup procedure, evaluation, display and logging of the SIM-CellStop position finders, connected to the alarm server. The connection to the the alarm servers is made via an independent network.
Device including network interface card, CD drive, keyboard and LCD colour monitor 17“. The evaluation software is dongle protected.

SIM-CellStop Network package TCP/IP

Order No.: 587.040.0
SIM-CellStop Software interface external system
Order No.: 587.040.1
SIM-CellStop Master server 19“
Order No.: 587.035.0
SIM-CellStop Master server monitoring software
Order No.: 587.035.1
Network software for installing in each alarm server to forward the evaluation data to a master server.
SIM-CellStop Network package TCP/IP
Order No.: 587.040.0
Project specific coupling software, and if necessary, project specific interface card for master or alarm server installing, and in single systems to connect an external master alarm management.

SIM-CellStop Software interface external system
Order No.: 587.040.1 system
SIM-CellStop - Diverse boxes:
The different device combinations can be installed in purpose-built housings of existing equipment (e.g. cell call systems).
Otherwise, diverse boxes and housings are offered for outside or inside usage, which are suitable for device incorporation.

Robust plastic box for indoor surface wall mounting.
Shock-resistant plastic box for in/outdoor surface wall mounting.
Shock-resistant plastic box for in/outdoor surface wall or mast mounting.

SIM-CellStop Box indoor

Order No.: 587.020.0
SIM-CellStop Box indoor/ outdoor, 0,5W
Order No.: 587.020.1
SIM-CellStop Box indoor/ outdoor, 0,5W/ 2W
Order No.: 587.020.2
Mast mountings are project dependent and not part of delivery.

Antenna with connection cable for a SIM-CellStop position finder - with or without a jamming transmitter - or directly for a jamming transmitter. The antenna is able to receive signals from mobile phones and to transmit glitch pulses.

The selection of the suitable antennas and their mounting is - like for all radio technical equipment - determined by the local conditions, the materials of the environment and the specifications of the customer. Therefore is the antenna selection and the adaptation always project dependent.
Special antennas only with our agreement!

SIM-CellStop Outside antenna
Order No.: 587.025.0
SIM-CellStop Antenna for concrete walls
Order No.: 587.025.1
SIM-CellStop Directional antenna
Order No.: 587.025.2
SIM-CellStop Power converter 60/24
Order No.: 587.026.0
SIM-CellStop Overvoltage protection
Order No.: 587.026.1
SIM-CellStop Power supply 24VDC/ 480W
Order No.: 587.027.0
SIM-CellStop Power supply 48VDC/ 480W
Order No.: 587.027.1

Preclude mobile phone communication!


Mobile phones (GSM/UMTS) enable prisoners an uncontrolled contact with the outside world by:
  • Telephone calls
  • Communication via SMS
  • Transfer of stored data
  • Conversations can be observed by mobile phones
  • Sensitive electronic equipment can be jammed by mobile phones
Our concept: SIM-CellStop
  • Permanent room monitoring
  • Room exact position indication
  • Local and selective jamming
1. A prisoner activates his mobile phone
2. SIM-CellStop detects the activated phone
3. SIM-CellStop blocks the connection by jamming
4. The abandoned call is signalised to the prisoner
5. An alarm server indicates the position of the activated mobile phone.

SIM-CellStop - The stationary position finding network
  • Very good determination of position by a close-meshed detector network with measuring the received power
  • Alarm triggering already within extreme short transmitting modes (SMS)
  • No alarm by allowed commGENESItors (PSA, DECT); no reaction by transmitting sources in the same frequency range, but selective evaluation of the GSM/UMTS structure
  • Detection of mobile phones within the direct environment
  • Sensitivity locally adjustable
  • Central alarm messages or local message via connectable devices
  • Cell exact detection with centralized evaluation in an alarm server
  • Detection and localization of all simultaneous active mobile phones
  • No alarm in allowed zones
  • Active call suppression by jamming transmitters (Delivery only possible with an official permission)
  • Immediate reaction, no SMSs, no calls
  • Activation only within the alarm location
  • Slightest possible jamming of other zones by temporal and local limiting
  • Frequency selective jamming
  • Adaptive transmitting power
The devices are only provided for information and training and expressly not as a planning document. Our devices are, like all other radio engineering devices, extremely complex and depend on many environmental conditions, which are not all specified here. Also the planned organizational structure determines the arrangement of such an installation. Therefore we offer no single devices but complete project dependent systems, including advice, planning, on-site metering and commissioning.
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