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Training Lab - Use of force firearms training simulator


Features Highlights

  • Native High Definition (HD) Video
  • True 5.1 Surround Sound
  • 16 x 9 Video format Ratio (Screen size)
  • 6 Lanes, Devices, Shooters – Wireless
  • Self Calibration
  • Self Authoring Scenarios
  • Self Authoring Graphics – Hybrid CGI - Ranges
  • Large Free Video Library
  • Live Fire or Laser
  • Environmental Controls
  • Telemetry – Synchronized Bio feedback
  • Plug in Classroom Simulator with Interactivity
  • Available Courseware Titles


  • Windows XP Professional Operating System
  • 17’ Flat Panel Monitor, Illuminated Keyboard & Optical Mouse
  • True High Definition Video Projector
  • 16 x 9 Aspect Ratio (7’10” X 14’ Screen Size)
  • 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System
  • Exclusive Scenario and “On-the-Fly” 3-D Audio
  • 6 Independently Devices (e.g. 6 Separate Shooters)
  • PiP - Recording and Playback of Trainee – Audio and Video
  • Training Scenario Library
  • Customizable Scenarios
  • Low Light / Flashlight
  • Two Firearm Lasers (Any Caliber)
  • OC Spray Canister
  • Baton Branching
  • Report Generation w/ Template Designer
  • Two “Storm” Travel Cases
  • 1 Year Warranty – Extended System Warranties Available
  • Training @ Customer Site or Tempestini Group site


Windows XP Professional Operating System
The complete system operates on the Window XP/Professional operating system with the new “Vista” Icons.

17’ Flat Panel Monitor, Illuminated Keyboard & Optical Mouse
The System comes with a 17” flat panel monitor, optical mouse with magnification feature, allowing the instructor to zoom in on scenarios in debrief, and an illuminated full keyboard for ease of use in low light training environments.
True High Definition Video Projector Widescreen High Definition Home Cinema
Projector. 5500; 1 Contrast Ratio with Smooth Screen Technology, 16.9 Native Resolution 1280x720 Pixel HD LCD Panels
16 x 9 Aspect Ratio (12’ X 6’11” Screen Size)
The projection screen is portable “DA-LITE – Fast Fold”, comes with travel case and legs.
The size is 12’ x 6’11”, 16 x 9 aspect ratio for HD viewing.
5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System
Front Left, Front Right, Center, Rear Right, Rear Left and a Subwoofer compromise the speaker system that is standard on the Training Lab

Exclusive Scenario and “On-the-Fly” 3-D Audio
Native to the scenario is 5.1 Surround Sound recorded during filming and/or added in post production. The system then plays audio from appropriate locations during scenario playback. Also, the instructor can play any audio file from a specific location in the training room to provide directional stimulus to the student.
6 Independently Detected Lasers (e.g. 6 Separate Shooters)
The system can track up to 6 devices at one time. These devices can be assigned in any manner. For example, they may all be assigned as firearms (6 shooters). They can also be assigned in combination. For example, 2 firearms, 2 TASER devices and 2 OC canisters.
Each device is tracked as to they type of device, which student fired the device and where the device impacted.

PiP - Recording and Playback of Trainee – Audio and Video
The student’s actions are recorded during the training session by a video camera. This footage, with audio, is then available for playback, picture in picture format, synchronized with the scenario. This allows the instructor and the student to view what actually occurred during the session removing any guesswork.
Scenario Editor
The Scenario Editing software allows you to take any video file footage (standard definition or High Definition) and create multiple branching scenarios for use on the system. It includes an easy to use and intuitive system for defining scenes, hitzones (for firearm, OC, TASER, etc.) and branching options.
Training Scenario Library
All scenarios created by Ti Training are available FREE of CHARGE to our customers.
These include professionally filmed and edited scenarios created by our in house production team.
Customizable Scenarios
Every scenario on the system can be changed by the end user. In other words the end user can redefine hitzones, branching points or any other aspect of the scenario in order to more closely match your requirements, policies or training objectives.
Low Light / Flashlight
The Training Lab allows for the use of actual flashlights (covered by special filters). The instructor can set any lighting level for the scenario forcing the use of a flashlight to light up the portion of the screen that the student wants to see. Multiple flashlights can be used.
This does not affect the use of any laser device.
Two Firearm Lasers (Any Caliber)
Wireless laser inserts using standard, off the shelf batteries. These lasers slide into the barrel of the firearm.
OC Spray Canister
Realistically sized and shaped, pulsing laser canister that fits into standard duty gear OC holsters.
Baton Branching
Instructor driven branching that shows the appropriate on screen reaction to a baton strike should the student feel that the baton was the correct force option.
Report Generation w/ Template Designer
Reports as simple as Name, Time, Date and Scenario Title to intricate reports detailing time and location of shots can be created using this software. This software can output reports electronically, or into standard formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.
Two “Storm” Travel Cases
Chosen for their light weight and durability these cases will protect system components for travel to any location or for storage.

The Computer:

The computer case is steel with the most advanced cooling system available, All of the components are available off the shelf making maintenance and upgrades easy and affordable. The outer case can be customized for the user in their environment. The windows XP Professional software is the most stable in the industry and will be upgradeable to Vista when appropriate. The system can be networked for data transfer or printing capabilities.

Laser Inserts:

All Ti Training lasers operate with commercial available batteries. Each laser is 9mm in diameter and will slide into the breach end of a semi-Automatic weapon. The lasers are fitted with sizing rings to make each laser adaptable for 9mm, 40. or 45 caliber. The laser is IR and can not be seen by the shooter, Not allowing them to walk in rounds. Up to 6 shooters can participate simultaneously and have independent lane detection.

HD Video and Projection Screen:

The Training Lab use of Force simulator comes STANDARD with native High Definition (HD) scenarios that play through a HD projector maximizing the video quality down range. HD videos native size is in a 16 x 9 format unlike standard video in a 3 x 4 format. This not only makes for a clearer picture but a larger screen and viewing ratio. The standard Screen is 12 feet wide but larger screen are available if your training room permits. Combine the crisper, clearer, larger video with full 5.1 surround.

3-D Audio / Surround Sound:
While running any scenario the operator has the ability to draw from an unlimited sound effects bank and play that effect from anywhere in the room. With the move of the mouse curser in the simulated room the sound effect can come from the front, back or move left to right. This adds to the realism and audio attentiveness of the student. During the creation of a scenario you have the ability to create any sound from any part of the room, full surround sound with the added effects.

Environmental Controls:
While running a session you have the ability to control the rooms’ environment. With a simple mouse click you can turn on Smoke, Strobe lights, a light bar etc.
Never having to leave the run screens, this can also be programmed into the scenario of consistent scenario play.

Telemetry Controls:
You now have the ability to hook up devices like a heart rate monitor, respiratory monitor, a trigger graphing devise, Track eye movement, etc. and have these results / graphs play back in debrief showing the student their biofeedback in synchronization with the scenario.

Play List:
You now have the ability to create a “Play List” where you can load a short number of scenarios and replay them with out going back into the main menu. This list can be saved and with multiple system you can load a play list on all system and only run those scenarios for the training session.
The list can also be saved for future reference. The scenarios can be run in order or randomly.

PIP (Picture in Picture)
Picture in Picture is standard on every system;
This is one of the most important training and teaching tools on a simulator.
The video can be saved or deleted. The PiP is laid on the HD and is instant in playback showing every movement.



Laser TASER                                    Training Guns

Recoil Kits

 Long Guns



Baton Branching                            Laser OC

  Return Fire

Custom Filmed Scenarios with the Ti Production Studio
Ti’s production studio is capable of creating any type of training content, or we can film on location. From Scenarios, courseware to any video production

Your City, Your Streets, Your Policies

Easy to Use Interface:
The Graphical user interface is easy and intuitive with many options within each screen. There are three main screens. The set up, the run and the debrief screen.


Set Up Screen:

The set up screen is Blue in color, Allows the operator to set up the number of trainees, assign devices to each trainee, load their weapons with appropriate rounds, Turn on PIP,
Fall of shot and Low light, and pick the scenario to play.
This screen gives you the instructor information on the scenario and training points, These are entered by your department for your policies and procedures.

Assigning Devices:

This operation allows the instructor to pick and name a student, Highlight which weapons they have and load the weapon with the appropriate amount of ammunition. All with the click of a mouse.

Selecting a scenario to play:

The Scenarios are organized in easy Windows type hierarchies for easy storage and recall. Once a file is open the instructor will see thumbnail photos of each scenario making the selection of the proper scenario simple. The ability to reorganize all scenarios is available to the instructor.

Run Screen:

The Run Session screen is Green and has everything on one screen needed to control the training. Easy to operate video Play, Pause, Stop buttons and a preview window. Sound effects, Auxiliary controls and all of the branching options in sight with a count down clock informing you the amount of time left before the next branch point. You see each student, what weapons are assigned and how many rounds left in each device. You have volume control and light control on a sliding bar and operate in real time. Very complete and very intuitive.

Reloading or Creating a Misfire:
During the scenario the instructor can cause a misfire/Jam in the weapon causing the student to go through a clearing drill. At any time the instructor can reload the students weapon, both with a simply drop down menu on the particular device the instructor wants to manipulate.

Run Session Controls:

During the training session the instructor has easy controls allowing them to Stop, pause, and restart the scenario. The instructor also has on the fly control of the volume and light levels. These slider bars give you infinite adjustments.

Debrief Screen:

The Debrief Session screen is Red for easy identification. The instructor has many options to replay the scenario. The scenario can play back straight or with a pause on each action (shot, branch, etc.) The instructor can go directly to any event or use the slider bar and scroll through the scenario forward, backward stopping and continuing to scroll. The PIP if enabled is in real time and synchronized with the scenario along with any telemetry playing. There is a cadre of debriefing options in the Advanced debrief (see Below) from here you can play a new scenario, play next on the play list, print, save the current session or go back to set up to reassign a new trainee.

Advanced Debrief:
This is where all the learning is taking place. Once the student has completed the scenario the instructor debriefs them on what was done correctly and improperly. The instructor can now use many tools available to them in teaching the proper methods, Laws, Policies, charts, PowerPoint, slides, anything to get your point across.

Within the debriefing screen you can open any type of Document to be displayed downrange for teaching.

Debrief Magnification:
During the debriefing of a student the instructor can use his mouse and magnify any area on the students down range screen. This is to point out details, clarify an object, etc.

Instructors Screen

Students Life Size Screen

Editing Screen:

This single screen allows the end user to create new or alter preexisting scenarios. You now have the ability to cut together any video, draw hit zones, threat windows, score and branch any video to create training material to fit your training need. This operation is all done on a single screen and is color coded for ease of use. You can add embedded sound effects, environmentals and create your surround sound scenario. Once you have finalized the editing process you can load this scenario on any Training Lab for training.

Graphic Targets:
Any CGI image i.e. targets, plates, poppers can be added to a scenario turning the video backdrop into a programmable shooting range. You can have up to 15 shooters in lane based training or 6 shooters on graphic target scenarios.




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