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Equipaggiamento per training e accessori


Small Arms Firing Ranges

  • Firearms Range Design
  • Portable, Modular and Mobile Shooting Ranges
  • Shoothouses


  • Training Lab ‐ Use of Force and Judgmental Simulator with Tetherless Weapons, Taser and Live‐Fire Options
  • Training Room ‐ Interactive Classroom
  • Training Studio ‐ Custom Lesson Content

Emergency Services Training

  • Drill and Escape Towers
  • Modular Training Facilities

Military Specification Modular Buildings

  • Blast‐Proof and Bullet‐Proof Portable Buildings
  • Portable Modular Accommodation and Storage
  • Portable Generator Sets and UPS
  • Portable Freezers and Refrigerated Storage

Gun Sports and Shooting Range Professionals

  • General Cabins & Engineering Ballistic Rubber Blocks and Panels
  • General Cabins & Engineering Granular Rubber Bullet Traps and Small Footprint High Velocity Traps
  • Concept Development Corporation APC‐100 Firearms Safety Containment Traps & Accessories
  • Sentry Solutions Oil Free Gun, Knife and Tool Cleaning and Protection
  • Southern Bloomers Gun Cleaning Patches
  • Ultimate Scenario Furniture for Firing Ranges and Shoothouses
  • Climb Assist Tactical Assault Ladder

Modular and Portable Ranges

Firing Ranges & Shoot‐houses

MP7 with Red Dot Laser Sight

Turn‐key Installation

  • 8 to 300 Metres Long
  • 3 to 12 Lanes Wide
  • Target systems of your choice
  • JSP403 Compliant
  • Full HVAC and Lighting Fit
  • Modular Training Facilities
  • Auxiliary Power Supply
  • Portable Class‐rooms

Firing Ranges

Craning First Section

Craning Second Section

Range Complete

Auxiliary Power & HVAC

Control Room

Control Room Window

Firing Line ‐ 4 Lane Range

Looking Back to Firing Line

Standing 25m Practice

Target System & Trap

Sig at 10m

MP7 at 25m

Emergency Services Modular Training Facilities

Turn‐key Installation

Practice Rescue Dummy

Breathing Apparatus Training

  • Modular Training Facilities
  • Up to 7 stories
  • Configured to Meet Your Training Objectives
  • Auxiliary Power Supply
  • Portable Ancillary Class‐rooms

Emergency Service Training Towers

Modular Steel Containers & Operations Facilities
Shelters, Accomodation, Storage, Power, Freezer and Field Units.

Generator Set ‐ 250kva               Generator Set ‐ 250kva

We supply a range of I.S.O standard shipping and modular steel containers to Lloyds Registry Standard. Non‐standard, wider and longer containers can be delivered including multistacking with stairways and corridors to meet specific requirements, including:

  • Operations Rooms
  • Secure POL and Ammo Storage
  • Kitchens and Canteens
  • Ablution and Lavatory Blocks
  • Utility Pods
  • Lecture Rooms
  • Freezer Units to UN spec.
  • Generator Sets to 2,500kva

Sectional ISO Specification Radar Equipment Enclosure

Military Spec Containers

Blast‐proof CCTV & Access Control                 General Storage

POL Storage                                 Portable Offices

110kva Generator Set                        Refrigeration Units

Secure Bank                                           UPS

Firing Range Design

We provide independent specialist expertise working with architects and designers to ensure that your training needs are fully represented in the final design. We provide design advice for:

  • Indoor Shooting Ranges
  • Outdoor Shooting Ranges
  • Shoothouses
  • Specialist Range Facilities

Where required we can also support your procurement processes through structuring of the requirements documentation.
Following down-selection of the successful contractor we can provide project management to ensure effective and on-time installation of ballistic protection and target and control systems.