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I risultati di un rapporto sulle minacce per l’Italia evidenziano l’intensità delle minacce informatiche a cui devono far fronte le aziende del nos [...]
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Ratio Packs


ratio-packs01Emergency Ration Pack VI
A compact hermetically sealed aluminium package, which can be used as a brew pot, containing, highenergy food, coffee set, fuel, purification tablets, compact survival items and instructions.
Approx. 900 Kcals
Size: 17.5 x 23 x 5cm (7”x9”x2”)
Weight: 280gm (10oz)

order code: TMP-P670

Wet Meals Ration Pack

  • Chocolate drink x 1
  • Teabags x 2
  • Coffee sachets x 2
  • Creamer sachets x 2
  • Sugar sachets x 4
  • Pepper sachets x 2
  • Salt sachets x 6
  • Tinned fruit x 1ratio-packs03
  • Fruit bread x 1
  • Bisuits x 1
  • Tin of tuna x 1
  • Kendal mint cake x 1
  • Pack of 10 tissues x1
  • Can opener x 1
  • Plastic knife, fork and spoon x 1
  • Breakfast meal x 1
  • Main meal x 1
  • 3000 Calories

order code: TMP-P4220

These products are samples of the much wider range.
We will be delighted to make a detailed ration proposal for you once we know your operational, budgetary, logistical, dietary or religious requirements (subject to order quantity).

Emergency Order Belt Ration (24 hour)
A compact ration pack designed to sustain a combat soldier when they have ditched their bergen and therefore rations.
Approx 630 Kcals.

  • Condensed survival bar(high cal/carb)ratio-packs06
  • Isotonic gel sachet
  • Glucose energy tablets
  • Chewy cereal bar
  • Water purifi cation tablets
  • 3-in-1 coffee drink, sugar and milk
  • 3-in-1 tea drink, sugar and milk
  • 3-in-1 hot chocolate drink, sugar and milk
  • 2 x Salt sachets
  • 2 x Vegetable stock cubes

order code: TMP-P003

Patrol Ration Pack
This high energy versatile ration is designed for special forces use. The 5 component parts allow you to distribute them around your load; so you don't have to stop to cook during the day.ratio-packs07

  • Helps keep you going and going. The high quality contents helps to ensure you don't waste any food, so carrying weight unnecessarily.
  • Wet & dry main meals ensure the weight is minimized and the calories and flexibility is maximised.
  • May be eaten cold
  • Quick hydration of the dry meals
  • Over 4000 calories per ration

NB. Normal guideline daily amounts for a normal adult.
Men 2500 Kcals
Women 2000 Kcals

order code: TMP-P061


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