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Bacterial contamination test


The perfect balance for direct bacterial detection in blood platelets.

The Bacterial Contamination Test is easy to operate and provides fast, accurate measurement of bacterial contamination in platelets.


The newest healthcare technology, the Bacterial Contamination Test, is a rapid QC test for the detection of bacterial contamination in blood platelets. Based on a novel, easy to use lateralflow technology platform, the test requires approximately 1mL of a platelet sample and can be run from start to finish in approximately 20 minutes.

The Bacterial Contamination Test quickly detects bacteria of concern in either apheresis or whole blood-derived platelets. Preliminary results indicate an assay sensitivity of approximately 103–104 CFU/mL.

To ensure that results are interpreted objectively and with optimum accuracy, the Bacterial Contamination Test includes a high sensitivity reader that automatically logs test results in a computerized database. Data integrates seamlessly with existing networks so that it may be sorted, exported, and printed with ease.

The Bacterial Contamination Test is being designed to meet all of the critical blood banking requirements:

  • Rapid—Results obtained in approximately 20 minutes
  • Sensitive—Sensitivity in the range of 103–104 CFU/mL
  • Ease of Use—Minimal training and attended labor
  • Objective Results—Reader maximizes sensitivity and objectivity
  • Automated Data Collection—software automatically logs test data
  • Cost Effective
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