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Creatamax 300 (CR3) is a plain and very pure creatine that is combined with a unique magnesium transport agentcreatamax01. CR3 has been designed to help you achieve your physique goals in record time. CR3 can be easily and effortlessly added to your energy drink, protein powder, meal replacement and weight gainer according to your training goals.

Great for people on calorie controlled diets

  • No dextrose or added calories
  • Guaranteed purest 99% Maxpure
  • Easily mixed and added to your protein or energy drink
  • Contains patented Albion Magnesium booster per 300 grams

Creatine Monohydrate (Maxpure™ 99.9%) 299grams
Magnesium 1grams


  • TMP-MAX044 CREATAMAX 300 Gram (3.5 oz)
  • TMP-MAX045 CREATAMAX 100 Gram (1.6 oz)

Createmax Extreme
If you want a creatine formula that feels like no other.
Per Daily Serving.creatamax02

  • 10g* of creatine and 10g* of glutamine
  • 1000mg* of Bicarbonates
  • 2000mg* of Glycine and GAA
  • NEW super potent Fenugreek extract
  • Magnesium, D-pinitol and Bioperine blend
  • Magnesium for muscle contraction
  • Research supports faster increases in muscle, size and power (33 servings per tub)

Per 1 serving 33g 1-scoop
Energy 124kcal/526kj
Carbohydrate 18.2grams
Protein 11.5grams
Weight: 11.3Kilos (24.9 lbs)



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