sic-telemedicina1In the context of an emergency medical intervention is fundamental a structure info-Telematics for collection of the first information, identification of priorities and needs of the resources and staff to send following a call to 118.

It is important to give to the staff on the spot all the information specialist and the provision necessary through technological means, provided at a distance, from structures at the hospital.

The solution S.A.V.E. (System for video and audio emergencies) proposed by Tempestini group allows the most aid to the staff involved in the situation of emergency and at the same time to offer the hospital a series of collected data and analysis on the field in real time and that will expedite the diagnosis and then the choice of therapy.

SHOW THE IMAGE as operators of 118 involved the field are equipped with mobile operation composed of camera save-04and transmitter that will allow, through UMTS or other technologies, to send images, video and any other data the control room hospital where the injured will be sent to hospital. In this way the control room of the structure of rescue monitors intervention of the operators by viewing the situation in real time and holding with operators providing the information useful to the case.

Also on the way to the hospital there will be an interchange of images, data and audio between the control room and the ambulance that can be equipped with a video camera and screen.

The solution S.A.V.E. is also equipped with a particular transmission that replaces IN ALL CASES IN WHICH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE THE NORMAL transmission UMTS, GPRS, etc. (e.g. in underground or in tunnel).