The image shows may be structured as a system of video surveillance for the control of urban area. The control room, right in the image, receiving and transmitting information audio-video and data interacting with different technological apparatus scattered on urban areas.

Example the terminals of the system are:
  • fixed camera with control off positioned on pole of the light from which shall transmit the images;controllo-mare2
  • system of transmission and reception Mobile on staff;
  • means mobile set up that passing the signals received to central receiving positioned on the roof of a building;
  • helicopter which oversees the area from the top.
All these systems using on IP protocol through fixed networks and/or Mobile.

In the control should be stressed that urban Tempestini Group is able to put on IP protocol a technology of transmission by ether particularly effective in the radio signals experiencing an obstacle instead of be mitigated by the same are amplified.

This technology is indicated in the situations in which may not be used for normal transmission systems Wi-Fi, for example in the subway.

For the control of specific urban areas are also often used the behavioral analysis software.